Ingenica 360 Healthcare Solution

Ingenica 360 for today’s Healthcare challenges

Ingenica 360 is our name for a suite of solutions from Ingenica specifically designed to address the challenges for back office efficiency in Healthcare organisations.  We offer a range of solutions to meet your needs, whether specifically focused on one issue as a standalone solution, or implemented as an integrated option. Our solution is designed to offer a full track and trace facility across your organisation giving you information at your fingertips.

Ingenica understands in order to create efficiencies you need to be able  to track and trace products, people, patients, equipment and location, for a 360-degree view of costs in the organisation and the associated drivers.

The ability to track the most efficient use of resources, whilst tracking the cost is essential for today’s Healthcare providers. Tracking information and costs that ultimately affect the patient safety and outcomes.

The importance of systems that are able to be fully integrated is paramount to our design methodology, combined with the ability to start where and at the level your organisation needs

Ingenica initially focused on a core issue, the lack of real inventory management tools to be able to understand what was being used where and why. Inventory management is a core enabler to supply chain improvement. We now have or award-winning solution Ingenica 360 for Inventory Management, tracking products, costs and use to patients.

As we move forward as an organisation we are increasing our focus on the wider Healthcare back office, to include Loan kits, Asset tracking and Theatre Management… Ingenica-360.

At Ingenica Solutions we offer the best healthcare resource management solution on the market, with a successful track record in implementation, and proven return on investment. Our initial focus is on Inventory Management as a core competency, which is essential to deliver improvements in Supply Chain Management.

Our solution enables visibility and control across the whole trust enabling you to manage forecasts for inventory cutting down on not only wastage but delivery charges, making sure your department runs more efficiently.

“Ingenica 360 is a GS1 certified  intuitive inventory management solution which has functionality for today, tomorrow and the future. The product is user friendly and given its Microsoft platform, has the look and feel of Microsoft Office, giving end users confidence due to familiarity with data and reports easily exported into Excel.”Jackie Pomroy, Head of Supply Chain & eBusiness, NHS South of England Procurement Services.

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