Increase visibility, reduce costs & improve patient safety

Improving Patient Safety

Implementing Ingenica 360 healthcare solution, the first GS1 Approved inventory management solution in the UK healthcare market, allows you to have a better understanding of what products are being used, when, where, and on which patients.

Our Ingenica 360 healthcare solution exceeds requirements and expectations; increasing visibility, enabling effective inventory management and reducing costs while facilitating smarter, more efficient procurement and supply chain practices, and improving patient safety.  Implementation of Ingenica 360 also enables trusts to meet government requirements including the eProcurement Strategy and GS1 standards, and responds to recommendations in the Carter Review.

There is no more ad-hoc clinical buying.  No more stock from Reps.  No more hidden stock.  Every item from a £10K implant to a 20p needle is controlled, creating complete visibility throughout.  With fully automated replenishment, whenever a clinician indicates an item of stock has been used.  Every item of stock required is checked and delivered daily to the Theatre door without any clinical involvement in the procurement or supply chain processes, which has improved stock control and management.

Theatres management and procurement now collate clear usage data, including real time usage, costs and traceability by batch no/serial number throughout the supply chain from point of receipt to point of use at a patient level. Our customers can electronically track medicines and devices to a specific patient, use barcodes to manage supplies and is on course to access the data that records who, when and where supplies were used; positioning it ahead of other trusts.

With the implementation of the Ingenica 360 healthcare solution clinicians are happy because they are spending less time on administrative tasks, and instead more time on the frontline.  The procurement and finance teams have greater visibility and control over the supply chain, patients can be rest assured that the hospital knows what products were used on them/when/where and by whom, and senior teams have reliable, real-time management information improving patient care and safety.


Improve Patient Safety

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