Microsoft Dynamics based platform

Ingenica 360 healthcare solution is the first GS1 certified inventory management solution in the UK healthcare market, created specifically for the complex, fast-moving clinical environment to improve procurement and supply chain processes.

It is an affordable, scalable and flexible solution developed within the Microsoft Dynamics platform, configurable across multiple areas of an NHS trust.

Ingenica Solutions is a catalyst for significant change across the NHS, financially and operationally.  It enables sustainable long-term savings, reduction in costs and wastage.  By facilitating better quality data management, it also improves stock control, visibility and traceability across a hospital; leading to outstanding audited results.

Ingenica Solutions pioneered the delivery of Microsoft-based solutions within the NHS. We are also the first GS1 certified healthcare solution providing an enterprise-wide supply chain, procurement, inventory management, costing and data management software solution for healthcare back office management; the potential is enormous.

Ingenica’s solution is developed within the Microsoft Dynamics platform.  Our healthcare solution enables a phased approach to implementation, configured to meet not only the current supply chain maturity of the NHS trusts, but with a proven development and functionality road map.

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