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Hosting – Cloud vs On Premise

Ingenica 360 is the Healthcare solution from Ingenica Solutions. The solution is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, as a specific solution for the Healthcare environment.

Hosting and cloud computing is a topic that many find confusing although in reality it isn’t as confusing as it initially sounds. In fact most of those who claim not to understand the subject use it on a daily basis, each time we log onto a website to retrieve our personnel e-mails through providers like Microsoft Hotmail, Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail we are engaging in what is known as cloud computing.

In reality not much changes with cloud computing except for that where the application is to be run from. If it’s not to be ran from your premises this then results in a reduction of outlay on these servers by you and your organisation. The results of this are two fold firstly the monitoring of the servers are taken care as part of the arrangement with a high availability SLA meaning no or little downtime of the application. Secondly there is no initial cost of buying the initial hardware.

While at the same time remaining flexible to ensure that your needs are covered as your organisation use of the application changes extra computing power or/ and space can be dynamically added and adjusted to ensure that you have the right amount of processing power to keep the system running smoothly without going overboard and paying for hardware that isn’t required.

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