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Ingenica Solutions: The first GS1 UK Approved inventory management solution in UK healthcare

Ingenica 360 healthcare solution was the first GS1 UK Approved solution for inventory management in the UK healthcare environment.  This means our solution has been tested against GS1 standards and meets their stringent requirements in compliance and best practice; so we know a thing or two about championing GS1 in the NHS!

We are proud to be the Platinum sponsors at the 2022 GS1 UK Healthcare Conference – 17th / 18th March, QEII Centre in London

Stephen O’Callaghan, chairman, Ingenica Solutions will be part of the Sustainability Q&A panel on Day 2 of the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference – Be sure to join them and find out what the GS1 sustainability panel have to say about implementing GS1 standards to drive sustainable practices across healthcare

Come along and meet the Ingenica team where we will be highlighting how our Ingenica 360 solution uses GS1 standards to go beyond inventory management & create solid operational efficiencies across your whole #healthcare organisation – Data standards are core to the use of technology in the healthcare sector and we are able to deliver dramatic benefits by implementing Inventory Management as part of the Scan4Safety programme.

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GS1 is a global organisation working towards ensuring that there is one type of unique identification code for all products on a global basis. In the healthcare space GS1 standards provide globally unique identification of products, patients, caregivers, locations & assets through the use of identifiers such as barcodes.

Hospitals such as Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, along with others, are now working towards electronically tracking medicines and devices to a specific patient; using barcodes to manage the supply chain of everything from bandages and tissues to high value medical implants and are on course to easily access and utilise the data that records on whom, when and where supplies are used.

Implementing Inventory management into your supply chain operations are fundamental to GS1 standards (one of the DOH recommended 3 enablers), and the Government has recognised the need for complete improvement and transformation of existing ways in which the NHS manages its supplies with their advocated NHS E-Procurement strategy. More recently Lord Carter’s report highlighted the need for trusts to have  better management of resources and costs. While an earlier McKinsey report (for the DOH) predicted that each trust would save £2–£3 million a year by implementing the GS1 data standards, adopting barcode technology and EDI.

Implementing Inventory Management is not easy without the knowledge and experience of some of the best experts in the industry on-hand.  This is why more and more trusts are turning to us for a professional  implementation service – skilled and knowledgeable people who deliver a value for money solution.

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