I’m in Supply Chain, what’s in it for me?

The “Internal supply chain” of a Trust needs to be reviewed before improvements in the external supply chain can be made. Ingenica’s 360 healthcare solution enables you to look at how materials are moved, managed, stored, purchased & replenished from either external suppliers or internal suppliers (e.g. pathology, pharmacy).

Once our healthcare solution is fully implemented it can provide information to enable work with other trusts. Standard data sets on consumption, well managed catalogues and known contract compliance are powerful tools when collaborating with others on procurement activities. Such information can be shared physically, electronically or via web enabled portals. This way the NHS can be sure that it is getting real value from their procurement.

Better visibility for supply chain

Working with Ingenica Solutions enables the opportunity for supply chain professionals to contribute and make real differences in improving the existing supply chain, procurement and inventory management landscape - which has historically proved a difficult challenge.

What about my colleague?

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Why Choose Ingenica?

We aren’t simply a technology company, we provide much more than that. We provide change management through focusing on partnership, efficiency and making sure we deliver real results.

  • Team

    Our cohesive team has clear and demonstrable success as thought leaders and practical project leaders in healthcare.

  • Industry specific solutions

    Flexible, user-friendly and intuitive for the entire workforce, our technology brings benefits to individuals across the NHS, from senior leaders and ICT technicians to frontline clinicians.

  • Implementation choices

    At Ingenica Solutions we believe we offer the best healthcare resource management solution on the market, with a successful track record in implementation, and proven return on investment.

  • First class support

    Our support service is built on the concept of creating long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

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