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Product Traceability 

We all collect data – data is available in large volumes – but at this point in time, how effective is the NHS at extracting the really useful data into information to allow the right decisions to be made?

Data that supports the transition of products from receipt to consumption or disposal and the ongoing replenishment of products required for future use is crucial for an effective supply chain operation and ultimately for effective healthcare and patient outcomes.

Having the ability to extract such information in a usable format will help the NHS have easy access to;

Ingenica customers such as Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust are now using Ingenica’s healthcare back office efficiency solution to work towards electronically tracking products and devices to a specific patient.

Want to learn more about track & trace? Are you looking to avoid product track and trace issues? Or looking to reduce future issues such as contaminated supplies? Remember that once a product enters your supply chain, your ability to fully trace and record all activities on that product whilst in your control is your mitigation against future litigation if you cannot do so. You do not want to be unable to reliably state what happened to a product if subject to a recall. Also you do not want to be unable to identify which particular implantable device was use an a specific patient.

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