I’m in Procurement, what’s in it for me?

Ingenica offer a range of solutions that really ensure that procurement have access to information that they haven’t been able to access before in healthcare . The process of implementing solutions like inventory management mean that the portfolio of products has to be controlled and it gives the procurement professional the real opportunity to work with the clinical teams at a granular level. To date procurement personnel haven’t been able to access detailed information about the status of stock, purchase levels, supplier performance in terms of delivery, pricing trends and information that will allow the procurement teams to really be able to focus on contract performance. The systems are simply not there today to enable that level of information.


Better information for procurement

There is no doubt that procurement teams need better information and our innovative healthcare technology solution places procurement professionals in a much stronger position to really understand the cost drivers in the organisation and ultimately identify where budgets are spent & how products are being used.

What about my colleague?

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Why Choose Ingenica?

We aren’t simply a technology company, we provide much more than that. We provide change management through focusing on partnership, efficiency and making sure we deliver real results.

  • Team

    Our cohesive team has clear and demonstrable success as thought leaders and practical project leaders in healthcare.

  • Industry specific solutions

    Flexible, user-friendly and intuitive for the entire workforce, our technology brings benefits to individuals across the NHS, from senior leaders and ICT technicians to frontline clinicians.

  • Implementation choices

    At Ingenica Solutions we believe we offer the best healthcare resource management solution on the market, with a successful track record in implementation, and proven return on investment.

  • First class support

    Our support service is built on the concept of creating long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

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