Ingenica launches pioneering inventory management app for UK Community Health Centres

Technology leader and inventory software providers for the NHS and Global Med Tech Companies, Ingenica Solutions, has launched a new, pioneering inventory management system for Community Health Centres.

The new software will transform the way Health Centres manage their supply chain, from supplier to patients’ homes in the community. By improving efficiency, reducing cost and streamlining process, it provides a robust, easy-to-use system that will also free up valuable admin time that can be diverted back to patient care.

The new Ingenica Solutions Community app has already been rolled out across five Health Centres nationwide, as part of a pilot test scheme, and delivered the following benefits:

  • Between £200-250k savings made over the 6-month test period
  • Average 30% reduction in inventory as a direct result of optimisation
  • More than a third of product lines reduced by more than 50%, resulting in an immediate £5k stock holiday
  • Estimated inventory savings of £14-22k per year
  • Improved efficiency created by moving from manual entry to scanning, reduced inventory-related working hours by an average of one full day per week. Previously 1.4 WTE, now 1.2 WTE (= approx. £5.5k annual reduction in staff costs)

Ingenica Solutions Executive Chairman, Stephen O’Callaghan says:

“Our goal was to deliver a solution that would work seamlessly within the community health landscape and aside from the obvious benefits to budgets and overall efficiency, the feedback from community staff about the Ingenica app’s delight to use has been unanimously positive and we are very excited to roll it out to more Community Health Centres across the UK in the coming months.”

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