Ingenica Solutions launches the Ingenica Loan App

NEW app will help revolutionise the management of hospital loan kits saving money and freeing up valuable clinical resource to patient care.

Designed to totally transform loan kit management for orthopaedic professionals and healthcare institutions, Ingenica Loan not only brings unprecedented efficiency to the loan kit management process –  freeing up more valuable clinician time for patient care – but also promises to deliver significant cost savings at a time when the NHS is faced with ongoing budgetary challenges.

The administrative work that comes with loan kits is significant, and currently, across many hospitals in the UK, it is still carried out by hand, paper, and pen.

A highly intuitive software system, Ingenica Loan will automate the order-to-patient process for all loan kits, allowing NHS staff to manage the entire process faster and more efficiently, from check-in, to cleaning and returning.

For the first time, information about each individual loan kit will be instantly available, thanks to Ingenica Loan data recording and monitoring. The result being safer, and more cost-effective loan kit management that frees up valuable time for clinical teams and allows hospital Trusts and suppliers to make substantial financial savings. We estimate a 5:1 return per year on the cost of the loan kit – estimated saving £100,000.

  • Reduction in daily rental charges by returning loan kits faster.
  • Reduction in number of loan kits ordered per case.
  • Improved reconciliation of invoices with suppliers.
  • Reduction in clinical time spend chasing loan kits.
  • All loan kits comply with the new scan for safety mandate.
  • Avoid “Never” events by reducing boot stock devices entering the Trusts supply chain.

Key Features of Ingenica Loan:

  • Communication & Connectivity: The app provides a centralized platform for real-time communication, fostering efficient interaction between suppliers and customers for prompt issue resolution.
  • Streamlined Ordering: Customers can place orders, check product availability, and track shipments on one platform, reducing errors and improving order accuracy.
  • Improved Transparency: Both suppliers and customers have access to transaction histories, invoices, and order status, promoting transparency and reducing disputes.
  • Efficient Payments: Electronic invoicing through digital portals accelerates the payment process, reducing late payments and improving financial processes.
  • Data Analytics: Users can analyse data to make informed decisions, identify trends, and enhance supply chain performance.
  • Cost Savings: Automation and streamlined processes result in cost savings from reduced paperwork, manual tasks, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Scalability: The Ingenica Loan Portal is designed to adapt to growing business needs, making it suitable for departments of varying sizes and surgical specialties.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Self-service tools and real-time information lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Ian Britcliffe, Account Management Director at Ingenica Solutions says: “Ingenica Solutions has a long-standing commitment to delivering positive outcomes in healthcare procurement, supply chain, inventory management, and back-office operations. The development of the Ingenica Loan app is a testament to our ongoing dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and enhancing efficiency and productivity in the healthcare sector.

We are very excited about the positive impact it will have on Trusts’ operational efficiency, in particular, releasing clinical staff back to the frontline for enhanced patient care.”

For more information about Ingenica Loan or for a demo:

E: or

About loan kits

In a hospital setting, the term loan kit refers to the instrument kits used to fit a patient with implantable equipment and devices – knee and hip replacements being the best-known implant procedures.

A loan kit will usually include all the necessary instrumentation required for the procedure in question and may be supplied with its own range of implants. While most medical procedure kits will already be in situ at some hospitals, others order in specific kits on a loan basis. This may also happen in more exceptional circumstances. Loan kits may be supplied when a surgeon is trialling a new surgical procedure, used for revision surgery or for a procedure that the Trust only carries out a few times a year.

Every loan kit comes with its own individual loan charge, freight charge and a daily onsite charge. So, using them can become expensive and labour intensive. Some hospitals may use several loan kits in any one day, which can cost a significant amount of nursing staff time. Once ordered and delivered, someone is required to identify, check and cross check the kit. It then goes off to sterile services to be decontaminated before being used in theatre, after which time, it’s checked and cleaned again, before making its way back to the supplier.

The use of loan kits can cost hospital Trusts anything up to £1 million every year.

About Ingenica Solutions

Ingenica Solutions is a leading provider of tailored software solutions for the healthcare industry, delivering innovative products that enhance efficiency and productivity in procurement, supply chain, inventory management, and back-office operations. Its mission is deeply rooted in protecting patient safety, improving supply chain efficiency, and releasing clinical staff back to the frontline for enhanced patient care.



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