Ingenica Solutions shortlisted for the European Customer Centricity Awards 2022

Ingenica Solutions is proud to be shortlisted for the Business Change or Transformation Award at the European Customer Centricity Awards 2022.

The Ingenica team has been recognised for its pioneering partnership with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, where we’ve established a new inventory management system, Ingenica 360,  that uses barcoding to track and trace clinical products and supplies, from receipt to point of patient use.

The ground-breaking Ingenica system is now live in RCHT Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and all Surgery Theatres (Trauma, Orthopaedics, General, Breast, Gastro and ENT surgery) over 3 locations. The plan is to roll it out into the remaining Trust hospitals by the end of this year.

Automation of the replenishment process via the new inventory system has streamlined and  improved how clinical team, procurement and finance staff work together to choose products and services that are cost effective in the short and long term.

Product batch numbers and product expiry dates are captured, and if out-of-date stock makes it to the point of care, the system alerts clinicians that it is expired stock, thereby mitigating the risk of use on a patient.  The potential for ‘never events’ has also been reduced through out-of-date prompts and product failures.

If a medical technology company recalls a product range, RCHT can now identify every patient who may have had that product implanted, in a matter of seconds. Previously, this task would have been manual and taken hours, days or even weeks.

Where the system is live, the Trust has over 99 per cent stock availability at the point of care, which mitigates the risk of procedures being cancelled due to product unavailability.

Perhaps most significantly, clinical teams no longer need to take on the task of stock management. One of the most notable improvements is in Cardiac Catheterisation, where 1,300 hours annually have been released back to the clinicians, who can devote this time to patient care.

Ingenica 360 automatically reorders the items based on inventory levels sent by the clinical leads in each department, and clinical teams simply scan products as they use them on patients. Stock availability is shown automatically, so individuals can locate products from other locations simply and instantly.

Zoe Martin, Lead Nurse Radiology says: “The new system (Ingenica Solutions 360 IM) has been brilliant for us, we can scan products to the patient and in the case of a product recall we can see instantly which patients have been affected. In the past, we would have used a lot of clinical time to extract this information. 

Now that we have the new system in place, we can scan products to the patient and the product is automatically re-ordered. This has released a large amount of clinical time back to patient care, which means we can see extra patients throughout the day.”

Once the system is fully rolled out RCHT expects to deliver significantly more savings by eliminating wastage, more accurately quantifying procedure costs and improving space utilisation. It has already started to track waste and the expectation is to see a reduction of around 50% over the next three years.

ECC Award winners will be announced 16th September 2022

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